Cake Master Shop

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What is Cake Master Shop?

Cake Master Shop
In our new addition of cooking games to our website, we need to bake a cake and we need your help! First, you must choose the ingredients from the shelf, the ingredients you need are sugar, water, flour, an egg, and lastly, yogurt.

When you are done, you need to mix the ingredients into the bowl. You start with the flour, then you add the sugar, then water, and the rest of the ingredients. Next, we need to chop some fruit, you need to chop fruit for your cake to continue.

After we are done chopping our fruit, we add it to the bowl and mix all of the ingredients together but we are not done yet, the fun is only going to start now! After mixing the ingredients, you need to choose a shape. There are many cake shapes to choose from including round, heart-shaped, triangle-shaped, etc.

You pour the mix into the shape and we are ready to put it into the oven but first, we need to preheat it. After you are done preheating, you can put your cake into the oven. Once it's cooked you are ready to decorate your cake!

You can choose the plate you'd like to serve your cake in. There are many choices to choose from. After that, you are ready to decorate the cake. You can change the color of the icing, add fruit and chocolate, and even choose a birthday card!

Lastly, you choose a candle and you are done making the cake! Have fun playing Cake Master Shop!


How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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