Dune Surfer

Dune Surfer

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Dune Surfer
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Dune Surfer Overview


Dune Surfer! You are in control of a ball in the desert and you need to try to not crash! You can speed up and you need to avoid crashing by timing your boosts precisely on the dunes in front of you. The dunes are very wavy and you need to be very careful when you boost.

Once you've boosted up you may encounter coins that you can collect in mid-air. If you are smooth enough and you time your boost correctly, you can collect lots of coins. You can use these coin to buy new balls and backgrounds.

There are many balls to choose from including some basic colors to shapes like donut, heart, star, fruit, and even Halloween themed balls! You can also purchase many different types of backgrounds including forest background, starry night background, volcanic background, and many more!

Time to be the best dune surfer!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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