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What is DuckPark io?

DuckPark io
Io games will bring you a new race on the water. Play in real-time with other players around the world. Come and help the cute duckling get where he wants as soon as possible.

Your mission in this game will help the duckling to get as quickly as possible to the tub with water specially prepared for her. At the beginning of the game, the server will connect you with other players from all over the world who will want to play at that moment. Basically, your ducklings will be in a competition. To win a level it is necessary to reach the finish line first.

During the route, you will encounter obstacles that will confuse you and you will have to avoid them so as not to fall into the void and not to get off the water slide. However, you will also find boosters that will be able to speed up or even send you as close as possible to the finish line. With each overrun, you receive bonus coins. Even if you kick the competitor you get extra coins.

With the coins collected along the route, you will be able to change your duckling and make improvements so that it is always the best on the route.
We hope you enjoyed our game and we invite you to our site to discover other games.

Enjoy it.

How to play?

use the arrow keys

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