Poopieman Voodo

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What is Poopieman Voodo?

Poopieman Voodo
Poop games online are some of the funniest games you could ever imagine playing, so of course, we would be excited that right at this moment we could share with you a game such as Poopieman Voodo, which is one of the funniest games online we've ever had here, and considering how much we loved it, why would you not love it as well?

Use poop as a weapon against the doll

Poopieman has a superhero costume in red, but he's not really a superhero, he is just a guy who wants and poops a lot, and you will use his poop powers to throw it at the voodoo doll in front of you, trying to do as much damage to it as possible.

To do so, choose the poop moves that the character does by clicking on the numbered buttons on the left. You will throw poop with your hands, you will roll it into a ball, and then throw it, you will shoot it out of a helicopter, or even drop it from a truck.

Each number button offers you a different way of throwing poop, so go through all of them until the doll is completely wrecked, and, who knows, maybe you will even unlock some secret moves.

A game as this one doesn't come around just any day, so we hope to see you play it right now and here, and have fun with it like only here would be possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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