Eliza Queen of Chess

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What is Eliza Queen of Chess?

Eliza Queen of Chess
One of the newest makeup and dress up games for girls from our website is a little bit special than most, since it's based on a live-action show from Netflix, not based on the cartoons that you are used to, and we're talking about The Queen's Gambit, about the fictional Elizabeth, a girl who becomes the world's biggest chess player, and a role model to girls everywhere!

Help Eliza Queen of Chess be the queen of fashion too!

As soon as she grew up into a teenager, and she started winning more and more tournaments, Beth had become more interested in how she presents herself, and you can always see how looking fashionable, something that you will help her continue to be in this awesome new game.

You start off by doing her makeup, where you use lipstick, eye-shadow, blush, eye-liner, as well as a crayon to paint her eyebrows. To dress up Eliza, browse the various clothes, dresses, tops, bottoms, and footwear, and accessories such as purses, glasses, hats, or, of course, a chessboard that she can always have with her.

As you can see, you're guaranteed a fun time with this game, so enough reading about it, but, instead, start playing and experiencing it yourself, having fun like only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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