Online Fishing 2

Online Fishing 2

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Online Fishing 2
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Online Fishing 2 Overview


The combination of fishing games online with puzzle games and logic games has always worked very well, especially if they are packaged in a high-quality container such as our Online Fishing 2 game, and this is mainly because the same mental skills and fortitudes that are required for fishing are also used in solving puzzles, so it's time for you to test and develop them in a fun way by playing this game right now and here!

Bring the water to the fish, pull the pins, solve the puzzles, win the game!

This game has adapted the format of rescue games that has recently taken over the internet, and your goal here is to make the water fall on the fish, with water, lava, and other items being held and separated from one another through pins, pins that you can pull to free the elements from their cage.

Pull the pins in the correct order so that the spot in the container where the fish is gets filled with it, because fish can only survive in water, but make sure to avoid the red water, or lava, from ever touching the fish, or it dies and you lose the level. The lava can be neutralized by dropping water on it, of course.

There can also be various traps, enclosing spaces, and other problems that appear at further levels, so make sure you avoid them at any cost. The faster you solve a level, the more stars you get at the end of it, so we hope that you will always aim for three stars. Good luck, and have fun, that's all that's left to do!

How to play?

Use the mouse to pull the pins and save the fish!

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