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Published21.09.2021 is not only one of the newest multiplayer racing games 3d on our website, but it is one that uses the .io game technology that is so popular at this moment, but it is also clearly inspired by the Fall Guys Games, since the characters that you control look both like beans and the characters from that popular video game at the same time!

Win the race of beans in the cool battle royale!

Start off by choosing the name you want to be known as, and, then, give it your best to win the races in the maps you are thrown in, where you compete against all sorts of other players from all over the world, trying to not be the last one reaching the end of each course, or you get eliminated.

Be the first place in the last race to win the whole competition. As you race through the courses, avoid all the obstacles, and make sure not to fall into the pits or traps.

Use the W, A, S, D keys or arrows to move, and press the spacebar to make jumps. Now that you've learnt what to do and how, give this game your very best from the get-go, and have fun all the way through!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, spacebar.

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