Women Wrestling Fight Revolution Fighting Games

Women Wrestling Fight Revolution Fighting Games

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Women Wrestling Fight Revolution Fighting Games
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Women Wrestling Fight Revolution Fighting Games Overview


We can't say that we haven't had wrestling games 3d online on our website before, but we don't think we've ever had such games where you got to take part in women's wrestling, which is almost just as popular as men's wrestling, and we hope that you are ready to right now take part in the action, and have fun as only with our amazing games is possible, day after day!

Become the best woman wrestler on the internet!

If you want to start out leisurely, try the practice mode, and then you can try the knockout mode, where you have single fights, or you can enter the career mode, where you try to win a tournament.

You start off with only one character being available, but winning fights earns you coins, and with those coins, you can unlock new avatars to use in battle, each stronger than the other one.

Of course, you are fighting until you manage to deplete the enemy's health bar completely since that is when you win, but don't get hit too much, since that happens to you, and you lose.

On the screen, you can see the controls you can use, and to move you use the arrow keys. Good luck at all your fights, and we hope to see more of you here since we never miss when it comes to what great games we bring you!

How to play?

Use the arrows and the touch controls.

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