Magical Girl Spell Factory

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Magical Girl Spell Factory
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What is Magical Girl Spell Factory?

Magical Girl Spell Factory

Magic can make almost anything happen, even bring to life characters, which is what you are here to help Yuki out with, in the game known as Magical Girl Spell Factory, where you help her create spells with which to unlock twelve missing characters, helping her bring them back in her life!

Bring the magical girls to life with the correct ingredients!

First things first, dress up our heroine, mixing and matching tops and bottoms, after which you can unlock magical girl costumes for her to wear as well, just like you have seen in many anime series you've loved over the years.

You will then see furniture filled with items such as laptops, teddy bears, jewels, headphones, hats, magical wands, and many more, so pick three items, and see what character you unlock through their combination.

Do that until you have unlocked all of them, and you will have finished and unlocked their outfits for Yuki to wear down the road, with you dressing her up some more.

It is that simple and fun, so don't waste time, try the game right now, and make sure to check out what other great content we're bringing you here today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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