Shadow Ninja Revenge

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What is Shadow Ninja Revenge?

Shadow Ninja Revenge

Welcome to Shadow Ninja Revenge, clearly, one of the best new action-adventure games online with ninjas to have been added on our website in recent times, where the world will be a mystical one and shadow one, with you feeling like you are inside a high-quality anime project, where you have to be your best ninja possible to defeat the forces of evil, such as the evil Orochi, and his many henchmen evildoers!

Help the Shadow Ninja get his Revenge!

The game functions mainly like an action-adventure game with platforms, wherewith your ninja character you have to go through the courses, avoid falling in the pits on them, but also avoid traps and obstacles that are meant to stop or kill you.

Of course, enemies will come in front of you all the time, so give your best to defeat them with your various weapons and ninja techniques, always giving your best to win!

There can also be treasures for you to find and collect, as well as power-ups and useful tools. Always give your best, to keep moving forward as a ninja!

Use WASD to move and jump, K to dash, J for ninja star, L to hide. Good luck to you in all your upcoming battles, give your best, and make sure to stick around for more to come, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, J, K, L keys.

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