Matching Puzzle Temple

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What is Matching Puzzle Temple?

Matching Puzzle Temple

Welcome to Matching Puzzle Temple, one of the best memory games with tiles, or blocks, however, you would want to call them, which stands above so many other entries in this genre for its amazing graphics and the 3D world, which is not often seen here, as well as the Aztec theme that always makes any game better!

Enter the temple of matching and solve all the puzzles!

In each of the ten levels, you click on two blocks at a time to turn them around, and when the stones you've turned show the same symbols, both in color and design, they get removed. Be careful, as some blocks might have the same color, but a different symbol.

If the two turned blocks are not the same, they get turned back. Know that each level is finished once all the temple bricks have been removed, and if you have done it before the time granted for it runs out on you.

Each level will have more blocks for you to match, so you have to get better as you proceed. It's that straightforward, but it is certainly miles above most memory games with matching you have played so far, so playing it is a must, believe us!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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