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Pokememory Overview


The very first game with Pokemon appeared in 1996, but these characters are still very popular and their fans love to play all the games related to Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, Tracey Sketchit, or the most important pokemon.

Memorize, find the pair, and finish the game with Pokemon!

In order to pass all the levels of difficulty you need a perfect spirit of observation and at the same time to move quickly, because the passage of time is against you. You will start with 4 cards, which are turned over, so you will have to turn them over once to find out what is under them, and then you will have to look for the pairs of cards in as short a time as possible. As you can see, for a second, before the game starts, all the cards are facing you, and then it's a great time to memorize as many cards and their positions as possible and then manage to match them two by two.

If the time when the cards were facing you was not enough, you will be able to press the SHOW CARDS button to turn them over again, and in exchange for 30 points, you will be able to see the cards again. Each level you pass will bring you a new Achievement, so try to complete as many levels of the game as possible to earn all the points.

How to play?

Use the mouse to make the pairs!

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