Line Rider

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What is Line Rider?

Line Rider

Line Rider is an amazing new game added to the drawing games category, where drawing is going to facilitate your adventure, as you will slide not through snow, but through a blank piece of paper, however you want to do it!

Let's ride the lines together!

Use the mouse to draw lines from the top left to the bottom right in order for the rider to go and slide on them, something it does after you hit the play button. Press the stop button when you think it is finished, just like you would do with a movie or TV show.

Lines drawn from the left to the right are the floor, while lines drawn from right to left are the ceiling. You can also collide through dark lines, but pass through the colored ones.

The game allows you to draw your own lines, roads, and experiment however you see fit, so let your imagination run wild and line-ride as only here is possible, right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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