Count Master

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Count Master
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What is Count Master?

Count Master

Count Master combines math with racing, skill, action, and fighting, all being elements of this amazing 3D game we highly recommend because we know from our own time with it how much fun it can be, and trust us when we say you would not want to miss out on the experience!

Become the ultimate Count Master!

Use the mouse to move your blue stickman through the course, and go through the gates that have math equations on them, usually multipliers or additions, and choose the one that you think will give you more stickmen because when you move through those gates, the math applies and you get more soldiers.

You need to have more stickmen in order to beat the armies of red ones you beat, or to have more left in case you hit obstacles and traps, which will reduce your numbers. If you encounter an obstacle or enemy that makes your army reach the number zero, of course, you lose the run then and there and have to start again from scratch.

See how far you can get through the course, always making the right math decision to overpower your enemies and become a master of counting, as the title suggests!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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