StickHero Party 4 Player

StickHero Party 4 Player

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StickHero Party 4 Player
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StickHero Party 4 Player Overview


StickHero Party 4 Player is the perfect addition for all of you wanting to play more 4 player games online on our website, which appear not that often, but when they do, it's a cause for celebration, because we're talking about you and three more friends getting together to compete or co-operate through an awesome online gaming experience!

Join the StickHero Party of 4 Players and start the fun!

You and the other players have a total of fifteen levels to complete, having to reach the end of each by getting past all the traps, obstacles, pits, and enemies because if even one of you dies, you lose the game. Each new level is more complicated than the one before, but more fun too. Each player has one key to make their stickman hero jump:

  • Green: I
  • Blue: T
  • Black: W
  • Red: Up Arrow

Now that you've understood all the rules of this simple yet exciting game, start it right now, have a ton of fun together with friends, and don't hesitate even for a second to check out more games from the same category and keep the fun going!

How to play?

Use the I, T, W, Up keys.

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