The Great Zombie Warzone

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What is The Great Zombie Warzone?

The Great Zombie Warzone

Step into The Great Zombie Warzone online with one of the best new zombie defense games with wars and shooting, where all of the administrative team here at our website has had an amazing time, and knowing how generally well-received these games already are, we're sure this one will be as well!

Survive The Great Zombie Warzone online!

Zombies advance through the roads in waves, at their own pace and structure, and with the coins, you have at your disposal you need to place soldiers to meet them, so click on a soldier and then click where you want to place them, doing it so that they defeat the zombies in front of them.

Don't let too many zombies cross the picket line, because if that happens, you lose, but use the coins you earn from defeating them to grow your army's power, become stronger, and diversify the class of soldiers you place, which have different power levels and weapons.

See how much you can survive against the onslaught of zombies, which only gets more terrifying as it goes, and have the best time possible as you do with all our zombie war games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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