One Night in Tokyo

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What is One Night in Tokyo?

One Night in Tokyo

Spending One Night in Tokyo can be even more fun if you're doing it fighting, with this neon city of the future being known for having quite some gritty action sets and fights going on in sketchy areas, which is what you will visit right now with this amazing new fighting game online inspired by Street of Rage!

Fight your way through enemies to survive One Night in Tokyo!

You can choose to become either a boy or a girl character, but the premise remains the same, and it is that you have to run through the streets of the Japanese capital and fight all the enemies you encounter, beating them up without letting them deplete your health bar because if that happens, you're the one losing.

Use the arrows for moving, X to jump, C to attack, and with the spacebar, you can transform into a beast, which gives you more power, but that can only be done when your diamond bar is full, so as you storm through enemies, collect as many of the diamonds left behind by them or simply found around as possible.

The final boss is as powerful of a beast as Godzilla, think you can take it on? We're starting all this fun right now and here, so what are you waiting for? Join us!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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