Zombies Are Coming

Zombies Are Coming

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Zombies Are Coming
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Zombies Are Coming Overview


Zombies Are Coming is about to be one of the most unique zombie shooting games online you have tried on our website so far, without a doubt, so sharing it with you all was a no-brainer for us, pun intended. Because zombies eat brains, do you get it? Well, you won't have brains here for them to eat, as you will embody a cannon shooting at them, but if that cannon gets overwhelmed, humanity is doomed, so let's use it perfectly and win against the undead!

Zombies Are Coming, so shoot them down!

You will sit with your cannon in the middle of the streets, and where you click/tap, that is where you will aim and shoot its projectiles. Do it to hit the zombies attacking you from all sides, getting points for all the zombies you kill, and also hit the special bombs that appear to collect them. Use them by clicking on them, simple as that.

If you get hit by the zombies, you lose a life, and losing all three of your lives means losing the game, so don't let that happen for anything in the world, you will be forced to start all over again from scratch. Try making many points instead and survive for as long as possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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