Zombies Are Coming Xtreme

Zombies Are Coming Xtreme

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Zombies Are Coming Xtreme
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Zombies Are Coming Xtreme Overview


Zombies Are Coming Xtreme is the kind of action-packed zombie game online you should really wish to play right now on our website, especially since the original version was quite challenging on its own, so if you wanted something even bigger and more rewarding, this one is for you! Let's explain, so you can begin the fun right away!

Zombies Are Coming Xtreme is here, try to survive it!

A cannon is put in the middle of the street to fend off the zombies which come in waves and hordes towards you, with the goal being to click or tap in their direction to aim and shoot them, without letting them overwhelm you, because if they destroy your cannon, you lose!

The game is an endless one, so that means you have to try and survive for a long time, and along that timeframe shoot down as many zombies as possible for points. Power-ups and weapons will appear on the map too, and you have to shoot through them to acquire and use them.

Try to see how long you can survive, don't lose your three lives and the game, but, if it happens, just work harder next time and you will do great. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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