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Drift.io Overview


Drift.io is about to be one of the top multiplayer racing games with cars that you get to find and play today on our website free of charge, which is why we even marked it as a Recommended Game! Would we recommend something that is not incredibly fun? Surely not, so let's teach you the gameplay so you can begin having fun with it right away, as only here is possible, always free and unblocked!

Play Drift.io and be the best car drifter on the internet!

The multiplayer version of this game is called Elimination, and the reason for that is because twelve players get assigned to the same room, where there will be a track/course they have to race and drift their cars on, and only the first six ones that cross the finish line will advance to a new race, and if you keep doing so, you get to acquire new cars and climb up the rankings.

Use the WASD keys to drive and steer your car, and give your best to get ahead of the other players, simple as that! Practice in the Offline mode if you wish for something easier, or if you just want to get better before entering the big leagues. Let's begin right now, only here, and then make sure to tell your friends about this game, maybe you will meet on the virtual drifting course!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys.

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