Metal Army War: Revenge

Metal Army War: Revenge

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Metal Army War: Revenge
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Metal Army War: Revenge Overview


Welcome to Metal Army War: Revenge, the second chapter in what we hope to see become a long-running franchise of two-player games with action and adventures, especially since it is made by the same team that produces Zombie Mission Games, so if you loved those ones, let's help humanity face a new threat, this time robots, just as dangerous, maybe even more so!

Win the War against the Metal Army and get Revenge for humanity!

Together with the two characters that the 2 players control, you need to go deep into the jungle, where enemy robots are planning something evil, so go past their traps, obstacles, and minions, defeating all the dangers you encounter while also making sure to save hostages and collect treasures.

Now, controls:

  • Player 1 moves and jumps with WASD, hits with C, throws grenades with V, uses Q-E to switch weapons, presses the two keys at once for a special attack, and X to reload ammo.
  • Player 2 will use the ARROWS to move and jump, L to hit, K for grenades, O-P to switch weapons, O+P for a special attack, and J for ammo reload.

We want to wish both of you only good luck, great teamwork, and tons of fun from start to finish, after which we hope to see you play even more games in 2 players as only here you can find!

How to play?

P1: WASD, C, V, Q-E, X.

P2: ARROWS, L, K, O-P, J.

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