Vampire Riddles

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What is Vampire Riddles?

Vampire Riddles

Welcome to Vampire Riddles, one of the best new hidden objects games online for Halloween to have been added here for you, as vampires are going to be really popular this month, so a game with such a format that also has a story element to it is a real treat, so not playing it should be far out of your mind, for sure!

Can you solve the Vampire Riddles?

Azazel, the leader of vampires, has taken over the village, so the only way to rescue it from his nefarious hands is by solving his various riddles, which actually means finding the hidden objects because those objects will make it possible to banish him away and defeat him with magic.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see the list of items that need to be found each time, and you click on them when you do. After that, a time bar starts depleting, and it is the combo one, meaning that if you find a new object before it runs out, you get double or triple the points, maybe even more, depending on how long you can keep the streak going.

It's really that simple, with tons of fun level after level, you can play it on mobile devices as well, so we hope to see you start all the fun right away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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