Halloween Skeleton Smash

Halloween Skeleton Smash

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Halloween Skeleton Smash
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Halloween Skeleton Smash Overview


Halloween Skeleton Smash is a game added here because we want to mix up driving games in 3D with the holiday of Halloween, which is not a combination you see very often, so of course, it makes us very glad to now be sharing it with you all, as we can already attest to how awesome the game is!

Smash the skeletons for Halloween!

You will drive your van using the A and D keys, or the Left and Right ones to move in these directions, as the car already moves forward automatically, or you can click, and you can tap in case you're playing on mobile devices.

Drive the van through the obstacle course while avoiding all the things blocking your way, such as trees, but hit the skeletons to get points in return, the more, the better. Of course, you should collect the pumpkins, since they represent money.

With the money, you collect you will be able to buy new vans to make things more interesting. Hitting too much into obstacles damages the car too much and causes you to lose, remember that! Start now, have the best time possible, and maybe share the game with your friends as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse or arrows/A, D keys.

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