Mango Piggy Piggy Farm Harvest

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What is Mango Piggy Piggy Farm Harvest?

Mango Piggy Piggy Farm Harvest

Mango Piggy Piggy Farm Harvest is one of the best takes we've seen so far on the games with angry birds, only this time we have cute piggies as the good characters, and they need your help for the yearly farm harvest of mango, which is their favorite food if you didn't know. Tons of fun levels await you, so let's start explaining the format right now, no?

Help Piggy Piggy with the Mango Farm Harvest!

With the mouse on PCs and with your finger directly on the screen, you are going to aim and shoot the piggies into the air, using the drag and release method, with your goal being to get it inside the basket at the opposite end of the farm, which is when the level is complete.

Along the way, there will be three mango fruits, so try aiming so that you shoot through them and grab them so that you get 3/3 stars per level, and points too. Of course, the stakes can't be that easy, so you have a limited number of shots you can take per level, so if you don't achieve your goal will them, you will need to start again from scratch. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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