Cowboy Saloon Defence

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What is Cowboy Saloon Defence?

Cowboy Saloon Defence

Cowboy Saloon Defence represents one of the best new shooting games online which we are delighted to showcase to you on our website for free right now since it's not every day that you get to try them, so for anything in the world, make sure not to miss out on the experience!

Put up the best Cowboy Saloon Defence possible!

With the mouse you click where you want to shoot, having to take aim at the cowboys attacking your saloon, who are coming towards you in waves, with each new wave being faster, bigger, and more dangerous than the one before.

You get points in return, and some leave behind coins, which can be used for upgrades. To collect said coins you also need to shoot through them, so make sure to do that.

Click on the bullet button that might appear in order to reload your ammo. It's all that simple, so now that you've understood, let the fun begin right away, and don't stop here, as more great games are to follow right now and here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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