Raft Dog

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What is Raft Dog?

Raft Dog

Raft Dog is one of the best new rafting games online on the internet, a format you can't really see around that very often, which is precisely why we would not have missed this opportunity right now for anything in the world, and you should not either, as you're only missing out on endless fun!

Join Raft Dog on his river adventure!

The dog in a raft is controlled by you with the mouse or finger, dragging them to move him left and right on the water, as you need to avoid obstacles such as rocks or alligators because bumping into them means instant death, and that means losing.

Along the course on the water, try collecting coins and bones, since they offer you points in return, each a different number, so aim for rafting a big distance on the water, as well as making a big score through gathering points.

Sure enough, you've got it, and you will be ready to give the game your best right now, something we hope you will do right at this moment!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.