Charlie and Lola: The Maze Game

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Charlie and Lola: The Maze Game
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What is Charlie and Lola: The Maze Game?

Charlie and Lola: The Maze Game

Charlie and Lola Games online are based around the old Disney Junior show with the same name, and if you've never been introduced to it, you need not worry at all, as we can guarantee you an amazing time from start to finish with The Maze Game right now and here, even if you are too young to remember these characters!

Play The Maze Game with Charlie and Lola Games!

Charlie and Lola, two best friends, are now stuck in a forest maze, of which you need to help them escape, as the classic format goes, and you will do so by using the arrow keys to move them through the park, doing so until you find the way out. Try out as many routes as possible, and if you get stuck, turn around, and take a new way forward.

Good luck and plenty of fun we wish all of you playing this game, which we love, and we're sure you will too!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.



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