Rock Paper Scissors

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What is Rock Paper Scissors?

Rock Paper Scissors

If you can't play Rock Paper Scissors in the real life, don't you worry, since the online world of virtual games allows you to do that right now and here, even more so since you can play either against the computer or against another real opponent from other parts of the globe, as this game has a multiplayer mode we highly recommend!

Play Rock Paper Scissors multiplayer online right now!

If you're playing locally, you can go up against the computer, or against another real player in the 2P mode, but in that case, you need to trust each other not to look at what move you make, as you simply click or tap on Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Here are the standings:

  • Rock beats Scissors
  • Scissors beats Paper
  • Paper beats Rock

The same goes for the multiplayer PVP mode, where you choose a username, create a match or enter an existing one, and you and the opponent pick your move and see who won. Try getting more wins than your opponents to become the winner!

We wish you the very best, and tons of luck, which is always good with this format, and we hope to see more of you, we never run out of amazing new content!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.