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Mr Throw is the title you will be taking in this game, as well as the game's name, as we're talking about one of the best hypercasual puzzle games with shooting we've had here, where you will throw more than shoot, although you could consider both of them to be mostly the same, and we're sure that you will love what this game has to offer for both computer and mobile users. Let's explain, so you can start the fun right away!

Be the sharpest Mr Throw online to defeat your opponents!

Your character is on the left, and you're battling the one on the right in a throw-off, where you throw items at one another like toilet paper, wood, suitcases, phones, diamonds, statues, lamposts, and many more, as the game is always diversifying its range of objects to throw. You can even get them at random, and the surprises make everything more fun and interesting.

Aim and shoot using the mouse, dragging it around to make the dotted line go towards your foe, and then release to make your throw. Deplete them of their health bar first to win, because if they are the ones to do it, you will lose instead. You're also playing against time, so try to win each round before it runs out.

After you win, you can take the coins you've earned to buy surprise boxes, which are going to give you more ammunition. You can also buy new skins, turning yourself from a simple bloke maybe to a secret agent, or look like characters from other video games.

Know that the game also offers you the chance to play against other real players in the battle mode, but if you go into the story mode, you have levels to pass, one more difficult than the other. Of course, obstacles between you and your targets might always appear, to make things more difficult, and in-level events at random, so take them into consideration as you aim and throw!

We wish you the best, great focus, and up-to-par skills, inviting you to stick around for even more of our new games of the day after this one!

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Use the mouse.

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