Studio's Pupil

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What is Studio's Pupil?

Studio's Pupil

Studio's Pupil belongs to the genre of idle business games in 3D on our website, of which we keep having more and more, something you should definitely be excited for, as they never go out of style, and since this one features music studios, unlike any before, you have plenty reasons why you should give it a go right away!

Be the best Studio's Pupil!

Use WASD to move around, or the ARROWS, and move the pupil to unlock your first musical artist, and then the first tape machine. As it generates tapes, you bring them to the artist, who makes money from the songs he puts on them, the money you then use to acquire more artists, more machines, and studio equipment, and make more money even when not doing anything.

Keep moving around, unlocking new parts of the studio, until it is full, and then it will start generating money all the time, don't you worry, this is a lucrative business. Don't forget to grab an HR department and a manager as well. Good luck, enjoy!


RHM Interactive

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How to play?

Use the mouse.