Get 10 Ultimate

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Get 10 Ultimate
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What is Get 10 Ultimate?

Get 10 Ultimate

Get 10 Ultimate is yet another awesome puzzle game with numbers and merging that we are happy to invite you all to play right now and here on our website, and even if you've tried previous versions here before, as the title says, this one is the ultimate one, so don't miss out on it for anything!

Play Get 10, the Ultimate version online for free right now!

You can choose to play in the infinite mode, or the endless mode, if you wish, or you can play in the levels, one more difficult than the other, but the same can be said for both moves, as when you no longer can make any more moves, you lose in both of them, so that you should take in mind.

Use the mouse to click on groups of at least two adjacent identical numbers, making them merge into a block with a number that is one level higher, and this way you have to try and merge to get the necessary number of points, as well as to get the tile with the ten on it, which is the highest.

Whether you aim for targeted numbers in the levels mode or try to see how far you can keep merging in the endless one, fun is guaranteed, either way, so begin right now, you are not going to regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Inlogic Software

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