FNF vs Roblox Doors

FNF vs Roblox Doors

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FNF vs Roblox Doors
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FNF vs Roblox Doors Overview


Boyfriend might have ended up in the world of Roblox Doors before, but this time he does it with a new FNF mod where there are many more songs for you to enjoy, or get scared while playing them, as you try to escape this horrible place with your musical abilities. The tracklist is the following:

  • Demise
  • Rushing
  • Hide
  • Small-Spider
  • Encounter
  • Halt
  • Abuse

Use music to escape out of the Roblox Doors!

Whether you choose to play in the story mode or free play mode, winning is achieved in the same way, by reaching the end of the songs, something you do by hitting notes according to the charts until that point.

When you see floating arrow symbols match above BF to the right, press the identical arrow keys. If you miss your notes multiple times in a row and your health bar depletes, you lose and need to start all over again from scratch. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.


  • Directors: Directors of the Doors Mod
    • Leetram: I spend too long working on this mod (Coder)
    • Yosibu: Fat Balls (Artist)
    • Kal: Professional Gigachad and Doors Player (Animator)
      Rochiexe: it’s pronounced ro-chee-zuh. not rochi-e.x.e. (Artist)
    • Musicians: & Chromatic Makers
    • Giannis: I am giannis (Chromatic Maker)
    • Hris: Common hris W (Chromatic Maker)
    • Icydrip: best garageband fnf creator??? (Musician)
    • Kat999yt: im not a virus i just ah uh ehm (Musician)
    • FMDev: ok boil
    • TYTOfGodness: Musician
    • TheRealAxylus: Musician
    • Amirr: Musician
    • Ero: Musician
    • Father Sam: Musician
    • Miloware: Musician
    • Owee: Musician
    • Protosquare: Musician
    • Waleter: Musician
    • Waldo69: Musician
  • Artists: Artists of the doors mod 
    • Merritz: awesomesauce (Artist & Animator)
    • Joshie: Artist
    • BackupPotatoDJ: Artist & Animator
    • Zat Bryllar: Artist
    • ChemicalArtist: Buff Figure!!! (Artist & Animator)
    • BlueRJ: Best background artist no cap
    • Ripsy: literally obsessed with among us lmao?? (Artist & Animator)
    • Callu: Artist
    • Catimbas: Artist & Animator
    • ChillzCubed: I forgor :skull: (Artist)
    • Gaming: Animator
    • Idiot Boy: Artist
    • Sussy Cardboi: Artist
  • Charters: Charters of the doors mod 
    • Igloo: Charter
    • Saladjusted: Charter
    • BroNilo: (Charter)
  • Download from GB

Original Friday Night Funkin' Game developed by:

  • ninjamuffin99
  • PhantomArcade 3K, Evilsk8r
  • Kawai Sprite

This is an open-source game, and you can support the developers here.

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