Super Bowmasters

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What is Super Bowmasters?

Super Bowmasters

We've always had simply the best arrow shooting games online on our website, hence the addition of a new game right now like Super Bowmasters, which has some of the biggest production values in this category, without a doubt, so we hope you are not going to miss out on this experience for anything in the world, as with any of our games, for that matter!

Become Super Bowmasters online right now! Aim, pull, shoot!

Hold the mouse as it moves up to set the angle at which you want to shoot the arrows, and when you've got it, you release it. In each level, you have a man holding an apple on his head, and your goal is to aim and shoot the arrows into the apple, and the fewer tries it takes you to do it, the more stars you earn in return, from one to three.

If you hit him, you've got to try again, but if you hit him too many times, you will earn fewer stars in return, of course! Each new level makes the target placed in a more difficult position and angle, but as you play, we're sure that your bow skills will improve greatly! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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