Noob Shooter 2 Players

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Noob Shooter 2 Players
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What is Noob Shooter 2 Players?

Noob Shooter 2 Players

Noob Shooter 2 Players is one of the most fun and action-packed new Minecraft Games online on our website for the day, where it is made even better by the fact that it can be played by two people at the same time, something we are absolutely sure you want to do, and we recommend you do it after we teach you how!

2 Players, one Noob Shooter, let's go!

If you're playing in the 1P mode, you shoot against the computer, while in the 2P mode there are two real players, each controlling a Noob's movement, one with WASD, one with the ARROWS. The Noobs shoot automatically, you only need to point them toward the targets.

To defeat the other one you need to deplete their health bar to make them lose a life, and if they lose all their lives, they lose the confrontation, simple as that. As you keep playing and doing a great job, you get the chance to unlock new weapons to use, as well as new arenas to fight inside.

Now that you've surely understood everything, let the fun begin right away, after which you're invited to check out even more of our great content for the day!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the ARROWS.


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