Lake Jump

Lake Jump

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Lake Jump
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Lake Jump Overview


Lake Jump is yet another amazing jumping game online in 3D we are delighted to share with you all free of charge on our website, since this format is a timeless one that we are never tired of, and you aren't either, as we can see from how much you are playing them, so we are now delighted to showcase this game to you!

Jump on the lake without falling, can you do it?

Use the mouse on computers and the finger on mobile devices by holding them down to set the length at which you want to make your jump, and you need to determine it in such a way that you hit one tower in the water after another, without falling in the water between them, because you will lose.

This means that if you set your target too far or too close, by releasing the mouse/finger, you will fall and lose. Instead, try jumping as far ahead as possible, earning more points as you go along by collecting the gems sitting on the towers.

It's as basic and fun as that, and there is no doubt at all in our minds that you are going to be delighted by playing this game, just like we have been as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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