Vermin God – Prologue

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Vermin God – Prologue
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What is Vermin God – Prologue?

Vermin God – Prologue

The Prologue to Vermin God is here, a game inspired by SCP-027, a popular indie horror video game, and if you love horror visual novels, the genre this new addition fits in as well, this will be a perfect time for you to have the right at this moment, and we fully recommend it to you even if you don't regularly play games like this. Are you scared? Get over it, and test yourselves right now!

Play through the Vermin God Prologue visual novel right now and here!

Sye Mejia is the name of the character you will play in this game, an 18-year-old girl infected with what is called 'Vermin God Disease', and the only known fact about it is that it draws vermins and creatures such as them to the body of the one who has that disease.

It creates a living human infestation all around her, and you will go through this story to try and get her to escape this curse, otherwise, she will be haunted by rats, worms, roaches, and other such small yet dangerous creatures.

Use the mouse to walk through the story, choosing dialogues and actions that you think benefit you, and try to find the right ending, the happy one, if it can be called that. Begin straight away, and don't hesitate to share this game with some of your friends as well, maybe with all of them, for that matter!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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