Kogama: Piggy

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Kogama: Piggy
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What is Kogama: Piggy?

Kogama: Piggy

Kogama: Piggy is a 3D-horror game made for this multiplayer platform where we are now positive you are going to have quite an awesome and fresh new experience, something we definitely recommend to our audiences, hence why we make sure to bring along as many of these games as possible, just like right now!

Play Kogama: Piggy, a new horror multiplayer game!

You can belong to the red or blue team, with the goal being to work together to solve the mini-puzzles presented to you in each level of the game so that you can open the door and not let the evil piggy catch you. If you meet him or any other horror foes, you can defeat them by slashing them down.

You can also find various new items, and unlock cool stuff along the way. Use the arrows to move, space to jump, the mouse button to attack, E to interact, and K to respawn.

A new kind of experience awaits you all right now, so make sure not to miss out on it for anything in the world, after which you will see we promise you even more great content all day long!

How to play?

Use the arrows, space, the mouse, E and K.

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