Merge Mafia Cars

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Merge Mafia Cars
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What is Merge Mafia Cars?

Merge Mafia Cars

We're fully positive that never before on our website did you have the chance to play a game such as Merge Mafia Cars since it merges, pun intended, car games with puzzle games, and we're sure that you will find this combo to be very interesting, just like we did, especially after we teach you how to play the game right now!

Can you Merge Mafia Cars?

Use the mouse to tap on two identical cars and merge them together, and then put them on a track, a thing that is going to earn you money in return, and with the money, you get you should buy more cars to merge, because the more you upgrade their level, the more the mafia makes.

You can also buy turbo to make your cars run faster. Now that you've surely understood the simple premise of this game, give it a shot right now, and see what other merging games online we've brought you here over the years, you will surely love them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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