Lazy Jump

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What is Lazy Jump?

Lazy Jump

Lazy Jump is one of the best new ragdoll games 3D that our team is delighted to share with everyone on our website right now, as we know from our very own experience with the game just how much fun you can have in it, hence why we made sure to share it with you as quickly as we could, and we will now explain its gameplay too!

Do a Lazy Jump online with the ragdoll!

The ragdoll is hard to move, and you will only need to use the mouse, and drag him around, as it moves its body in a weird way, as it cannot on its own so it is quite malleable.

The goal you have is to take the ragdoll from the top of the house, at the highest floor, and get it to jump and drag around until the bottom floor and exit the house.

The more you advance through the levels, the more obstacles get added in the houses for you and the ragdoll to find the best move to get past. Can you do it? With enough focus and dedication, we're sure you will!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.