Kogama: Attack on Titan

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What is Kogama: Attack on Titan?

Kogama: Attack on Titan

A Kogama Attack on Titan game online is one of the best new games that we could have brought you here today for free, as we're talking about arguably the most popular anime in the entire world, which is set to end this year, so there should be even more hype for the chance to play this game, even more so considering that there are so few of them online!

Play Attack on Titan online in Kogama!

You get only one survey corp skin at the beginning of the game, and the other three you can play as free tries, but you need to unlock them later on if you want to keep using them. You enter a recreated walled world with titans and beasts, where one of your focuses is to find all of the stars and get ahead of other players in that action.

Avoid the various dangerous titans you meet, both the dumb ones, and the special ones, but if you assassinate them, you can earn more stars from doing that. Here is how many:

  • Normal Titan - 1 Star
  • Female Titan - 3 Stars
  • Armored Titan - 4 Stars
  • Colossal Titan - 5 Stars
  • Beast Titan - 6 Stars

Use WASD to move, look around with the mouse and shoot your weapons with the left mouse button, E to interact, Q to holster weapon, and K to respawn. Now that the basics have been laid out, DEDICATE YOUR HEARTS! SHINZO WO SASAGEYO!



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How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, E, and Q keys, but also K.