The Adventures of Barney

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What is The Adventures of Barney?

The Adventures of Barney

The Adventures of Barney is one of the best new platform-adventure games online on our website we are happy to have added it today for you all, mostly because it is a game featuring a dog as the main protagonist, a mixture you don't get to see just every day, precisely why you should consider giving this game a worthy chance right away!

Let's have fun living in The Adventures of Barney!

Use the mouse or spacebar to jump with the dog, who moves from one wall to another automatically, making sure to time your jumps in order to avoid the spikes along the way, because if you hit into them, you are going to obviously lose.

Instead, make sure that you collect all the bones in each level, avoid any other dangers that might appear, and then exit through the door to the next level.

Without getting all the bones you won't be able to clear those levels, so focus on that. Good luck, start right now, and we hope to see you around some more since the day has been providing you with even more amazing content we highly recommend!


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How to play?

Use the mouse or spacebar.