Mutant Escape

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What is Mutant Escape?

Mutant Escape

Mutant Escape is going to be one of the best new hypercasual adventure games in 3D added to our website right now, with there being a puzzle and escape elements intertwined into it, all of which we are positive you are going to enjoy greatly, just like it had been the case for us when we played it, hence why we made sure to share it with you as soon as we could!

Help the Mutant Escape the lab!

Before each escape run you will attempt you get the chance to combine two or three powers, depending on how many are available so that you create abilities, which you then activate using the Q and E keys. Move around with the arrows or simply drag with the mouse where you want to go.

Activate the abilities when there have been traps put in your way to prevent you from escaping, and avoid any other kinds of dangers along the way because if you get hit by them, you lose the level. Instead, reach the door and find freedom, or a next level that is more difficult, but which we are sure you will also clear with no problems!

How to play?

Use the mouse and Q, E keys.


Yso Corp

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