Blind Bat

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Blind Bat
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What is Blind Bat?

Blind Bat

Blind Bat is one of the best retro-like action arcade games online with shooting, which we highly recommend to everyone, as of course, we do, since we already played this game ourselves and we can guarantee just how amazing it can be, and you can also play it on mobile devices if you wish, so you really have no excuse not to!

Help the Blind Bat shoot and survive!

As the blind bad flies up and down by itself in the air, it is met by various nasty birds that are his enemies, and past which you need to help him get, something you can only achieve by shooting them down, something you do use the mouse or finger, tapping when you want the bat to shoot.

Time your shots so that you hit the floating birds, and destroy all of them in a level without running out of bullets, because if that happens, you lose the level. Shoot through the boxes to make them explode and eliminate more birds with one go, and be on the lookout for similar power-ups that might appear you can use them very well to your advantage.

Of course, you earn points for all the birds you shoot down, si aims to get a really big score in return. Enjoy, start right now, and don't stop here, since more great games are on the come up for you right now and here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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