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Mangavania Overview


Mangavania is an action-adventure game online inspired by the world of Manga and Anime, as the protagonist of this new game needs your help to slay all sorts of monsters and demons, as they do in so many of these series, but this time you are doing it yourself, in a black and white world you are going to have to save while having lots of fun, guaranteed by our own experience with this game, we promise!

Play Mangavania online and be the anime protagonist you've ever dreamt to be!

Use the A and D keys to move, space to jump, shift to run, use the left click to attack with the sword, and use the right mouse button to attack with the bow and arrow. Now that you've got the controls down, let's see what you will face off against.

For each chapter of this story, you will have different ranks through which you have to advance, simply by defeating all the enemies you encounter along the way through those tracks.

Go along through the world, avoid the traps and obstacles put in your path, and defeat all the enemies without losing all your three lives, because you then lose the game. You are also being timed, so try to see how fast you can clear each ranked mission. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use A, D, space, shift, and the mouse.

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