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BAPBAP Overview


BAPBAP is a new io game with a multiplayer format, crazy characters, and an experience like none other, which is made even better that it is now in a closed beta that we are now delighted to showcase to you, meaning that you get the incredible chance of playing this game before so many other people!

Play BAPBAP online unblocked!

In this battle royale game, you get to choose a character that you want to be, with the list being quite crazy and unique, unlike you see everywhere, where you can battle against everyone you see, making them your enemies, but you can even squad up and make some friends, because you have better chances as a team.

Go around the map, defeat foes, get rewards in return, and make sure to upgrade your character with what you earn, so that you become stronger because the more you dive into the map, the bigger and stronger enemies you encounter, and we are sure that you wish to climb the leaderboards. Use the keyboard and mouse to assume the role of your avatar.

Good luck to everyone we wish, and we truly hope you are not stopping here, since our team is ready to bring you even more content today, and we want to see you playing it!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse and keyboard.

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