Take The Wheel

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What is Take The Wheel?

Take The Wheel

Take The Wheel is going to be one of the finest new supercar driving games online in 3D that the boys and men who visit our website will now have the pleasure of playing for free and enjoying to the max right now, something we are absolutely positive they do because we know from previous similar games from the past!

Are you ready to Take The Wheel?

After you take the wheel of the car, you can use A and D or the Right, Left arrows to drive it, having to go on the courses and avoid other cars in traffic, but if you hit them, make sure to knock them off, and you stay on your course, because you're trying to make a distance as big as possible each time you drive, no?

The more cars you knock down, the more points you get, but avoid cars or trucks that are bigger, they might kill you instead. Well, that should be your aim, and in case you fail, just start again, and one try after another you will become a better driver, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the A/D and Right/Left keys.

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