Build an Autobridge!

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What is Build an Autobridge!?

Build an Autobridge!

Build an Autobridge! is yet another amazing puzzle game with drawing online, but this one is going to be made even better thanks to having cars involved in it, since this time it is cars and trucks, not stickmen, that need your help to draw bridges for them, because otherwise they cannot pass, and they are going to crash into the abyss, something we are sure you don't want to let happen!

Build an Autobridge online right now!

In each level of the game there are pits, traps, and obstacles between the car and the finish line, so use the mouse, or finger, in order to draw lines above them, and when they are done, hit the play button to make the truck advance. If it manages to cross the bridges safely, you finish the level.

Otherwise, if the trucks fall into the pits, you lose. Each new level features a puzzle that is more difficult than the one before it, but we guarantee that they are also going to be increasingly more fun the more that you keep on playing this awesome game!


How to play?

Use the mouse.

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