Noob Brain Damage

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What is Noob Brain Damage?

Noob Brain Damage

Noob Brain Damage is going to be one of the funniest Minecraft Games online you now get to experience on our website in this category, where, as the title suggests, you get to put this character through a dangerous ordeal and try to inflict damage on him as much as possible. Let's teach you how, so you can begin right away!

Make Noob get Brain Damage!

Firstly, get familiar with all the tracks you get to play with him on:

  • Stairs
  • Well
  • Slope
  • Pit
  • Plumb
  • Hills
  • Cellar
  • Cave
  • Spin
  • Twist

Your ultimate goal is to use these environments in destroying the Noob as much as possible, damaging him just like in ragdoll-destroying games, which is what this game had been inspired by.

The more damage you inflict on him, the more coins you earn, which you can use to buy new vehicles, skins, maps, and add obstacles. What for? Well, to hit him even worse, and get even more coins in return, of course.

Start this amazing arcade experience right now, experiment with the elements from the game as much as you wish, and we're sure you will have a blast from top to bottom, just like we have had!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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