Noob Rescues Girlfriend

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What is Noob Rescues Girlfriend?

Noob Rescues Girlfriend

Noob Rescues Girlfriend is one of the best arrow shooting games that this category has had so far, being a puzzle game all at the same time, of course, and we're absolutely positive that right now you are going to enjoy it a whole lot, just like we did, and just like we know you always do with content from this amazing category!

Noob Rescues Girlfriend, but only with your help!

In each level, his GF is trapped in a cage, and she will only be released when you have shot down all the creepers, zombies, and other scary monsters made out of blocks around, and only then will the cage open.

Now, figure out a way not to waste your arrows, because the more shots you require to finish your levels, the more swords you lose, as you can get from one to three per level, based on performance.

The levels get more difficult as you advance, so your logical thinking also needs to improve. With the points, you earn you can acquire both new weapons, and skins as well, so make sure to grab them and use them to your advantage. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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