Noob vs Cops

Noob vs Cops

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Noob vs Cops
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Noob vs Cops Overview


Noob vs Cops is one of the few maritime games that the category has had here so far, which is precisely why we knew that sharing it with you right now is a must, knowing just how much fun you can have with it from our own time with the game, whose rules we will now explain so that you can give it your best!

Win the battle of Noob vs Cops!

Use A and D to take turns with your boat on the water, where you need to grab the chests with treasure, weapons, power-ups, and various boosts, so that you earn a lot of points, gold too, and use them to buy better boats, so that the next time you go on the water, you survive more than last time.

The cops of the water will start chasing you in their own boats, so don't get hit by them, or hit into the rocks, because at the moment you explode, you are going to lose, something you should not allow to happen. Good luck and the best we wish you, and we hope to see you play even more of our daily games after this one!

How to play?

Use the A, D keys.

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